Jackline | Tienermoeder
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Jackline | Tienermoeder

Jackline is 18 years old She is the first born in a family of four siblings. She used to attend school in Garissa Primary School in Kiandutu slum where she sat for K.C.P.E. (Kenya certificate of primary education). Jackline got pregnant immediately after sitting for K.C.P.E. and got married.


Jackline was identified and enrolled in the teen mother program in May 2015. At that time she had already given birth and the baby was six months old. Her husband was not supporting her at all. She was in a desperate situation and was surviving on casual jobs with her baby. She expressed interest and willingness in working together with the teen mother social workers. She was engaged into counseling process which she attended all the sessions. Her confidence was well built and she also gained knowledge from the seminars she was attending for the teen mothers. Jackline became confident enough to speak out what she would want for her live.


Jackline wished to start a business of a small shop although she didn’t have seed capital . The KOP/Macheo social workers in the teen mother program supported her with seed capital to start the shop. So far the business has progressed well and she is capable of feeding herself and the child. She has also moved to an extra mile of saving some money and she is planning to expand her shop.


Jackline is very grateful for the support she has received from KOP/Macheo. For now she is a happy mother and feels safe with her child. Wil je ook helpen? Kijk bij ‘Wat kunt u doen?’.