Angel, a succes story during Covid
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Angel, a succes story during Covid

Angel is born of a teenage mother, they live at grandmother’s place in Kiandutu.
At enrollment at KOP Angel was eight months old.
She was very weak and sickly. She was moderately malnourished, had delayed development (she was unable to crawl) and not active. The family lacked adequate and nutritious food. Through Macheo and KOP the child was supported and treated.

Angel’s mother was in the teen mother’s program. She was empowered through skills training (Hairdressing), after which she was able to put it into practice and started to get income. With time, through feeding and stimulation, Angel has fully recovered and now is a happy child.

We find these as a success story because dispite the child not attending the daycare at KOP because of covid-19, the mother was able to follow instructions from Macheo and KOP staff on how to feed and take care of her child. We are so happy that the child has fully recovered and she is doing well.

Thank to all our donors.